New low cost train in Spain in 2019

Earlier this year, Renfe announced the future launch of EVA, a new high-speed service that’s similar to the current one but cheaper and with new spaces on board. With the current competition in the transport industry with applications such as Blabacar or Amovens or low cost airlines like Ryanar, Adif has decided to launch a new line.

For one thing, this new train will have integrated Wi-Fi, which currently only exists on some routes and trains, and fully online tickets to avoid problems and so users are fully connected at all times. This way, users can find out about incidents on said platform. The company will also provide contact data among travellers creating possible WhatsApp groups or on other social media to keep them in touch if they want to share transport on arrival at the destination.

On the other hand, in addition to increasing the number of seats by adding up to 343, users won’t have to worry about transport on arrival to their station since the company intends to manage everything so they don’t have to worry about anything.

Finally, there is always a problem with travellers who have pets, others who want to go in silent coaches or families that travel with small children and have problems separating them from common areas to avoid possible discomfort. That’s why Renfe has said that the distribution of the train will vary. There will be a kid’s area and another area for pets, thus separating leisure and rest areas. The restaurant area will be destined to such uses and instead of a restaurant, there will be vending machines.

We’ll have to wait until next year for this train to start on the Madrid-Barcelona route. They’re expected to expand to more areas.


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