The Management of MGN, a company dedicated to the manufacture, control and marketing of rubber and rubber-metal parts, aware of the commitment it contracts with its Customers and the Society in general, provides the necessary resources to guarantee that the products manufactured by the company They are safe, reliable and strictly meet all your specifications.

For this reason, it has established in its organization a Quality System based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 Standard, whose Policy developed here is aimed at obtaining the following objectives:

Ensure that the products manufactured to its Customers are safe, reliable and comply with applicable laws, specifications, standards and codes.

Supply products whose quality / price ratio meets the expectations of its Clients.

Ensure the continuous improvement of the Quality System by establishing the appropriate detection and control mechanisms.

Comply with the requirements and improve the adequacy of the System in order to obtain continuous improvement of the product and service provided, in technological and quality aspects.

Establish permanent training programs in order to develop a highly qualified staff, as a tool for continuous improvement.

Maintain permanent contact with Clients, in order to collaborate together to improve their products and services.

Involve and motivate staff in order to seek their participation in the management and development of the Quality System implemented.

The Management will establish, within the General Policy of MGN, the plans and resources necessary to achieve the objectives established in the Quality Policy.

It is the responsibility of the entire MGN organization to comply with the provisions of the Quality System, and fundamentally of the people in charge of carrying out the activities included in it.

The Management of MGN delegates to the Quality Coordinator the implementation and verification of compliance with the System, for which, it must possess the necessary authority and independence within the organization of the company.

Enrique Navarro Parra

Managing Director

MGN Transformations of Rubber, S. A.

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