Regarding the railway sector, our area of activity is very broad. We have developed the following products to improve quality in this sector:

Primary and secondary suspensions: We care about train trips being as satisfactory as possible, so the quality of both suspensions is important. They cushion the unevenness of the tracks and the dynamic efforts of the train so that passengers don’t notice them.

Ball joints and elastic joints: Elastic elements that join mechanical parts. They reduce the reactions after impact efforts and dampen vibrations and noise. They improve the resistant characteristics of a mechanical articulated joint reducing its fatigue wear.

Anti-vibration parts for compressors: They help avoid annoying and unnecessary vibrations and improve the operational life of the machinery.

Interconnecting draught excluders between coaches: They are essential to guarantee safety when walking between coaches.

Rubber sections for doors and windows: They ensure the insulation and sealing of the train compartment.

Hydraulic seals and joints: They ensure good insulation and both liquid and gas sealing.

If you want to know more about our products, you can get in touch with us or check our catalogue and request our product manuals. At MGN, we want to help you.

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