Accessibility for the user in the French railways

An interesting experiment in favour of rail transport as an option for people with serious mobility difficulties means a further step in the evaluation of trains as an accessible and sustainable option.

“Accès Synchro” is a new service that the French railway system SNCF and its subsidiary for urban transport Keolis offer travellers with difficulties. The pilot project, which will last a year, offers the possibility of booking high-speed tickets, picking them up at the station and being escorted to the train and the desired means of transport to and from the stations of origin and destination. It has been launched between the cities of Lille, Lyon and Rennes.

This service completes SNCF’s disabled care offer: Accès Plus, SNCF’s disabled assistance service, which in 2011 assisted more than 280,000 passengers, 21% more than in 2010.


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