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2010 to today – Present and future


Under the EU’s Sixth Framework Programme, MGN took part in 2003 in an R+D project called “Monitoring Vulcanization with Ultrasound.”
R+D project (CIDAUT_CSIC_MGN) to increase the useful life of parts.

The Railway Platform Technology project.

Safe Rubber Seventh Framework Programme of the EU.

Achievements with Customers.


We have established what we call an Integral Control Centre to channel the energy, skills and specific know-how of our entire staff toward achieving long-term strategic goals. This ICC is now part of routine business and allows the company to envision the future by continuously reviewing and improving the present reality.


In both our own commercial initiatives as well as through trade fairs, MGN has recently been seeking to create partnerships in Paris, Milan, Santiago de Chile, Shanghai, Delhi, Berlin, Lille, Lyon, Warsaw, Moscow, Buenos Aires, Miami, Brussels, London, Rome, Rabat, Pune, Beijing, New York, Bombay, New Orleans, Sao Paulo and Casablanca.

Building a Brand

Corporate communication has been a vital tool for MGN management in developing the company’s business since the 1990s. MGN devotes a lot of effort, investment and time to solidifying its unique identity and building the brand that both transcends and drives all of its activities inside and outside of the company.

The results are obvious. Today, MGN is leading brand in Spain and targets foreign markets with the same force.

The confidence placed by MGN in communication increases during times of change. Our performance and the feedback from our customers and associates confirm this.