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experience / 2000-2010

2000-2010 - change

From the late 1990s to the turn of the century, our objectives for diversification materialized through one of our main customers:  Zardoya OTIS.

In 2000, MGN took part in the programme to support internationalisation organised by the PIPE 2000 project of the ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade) with the idea of finding sales representatives.

In the first few years after 2000, we devised our Strategic Plan to make MGN a leading manufacturer of technical rubber-metal parts. The three main pillars of this initial plan were:

· Our personnel, the main resource on which everything else depends. This involves training, performance evaluations and a multifunctional work team.

· Engineering and R+D: the capacity to design within the EU industrial sector.

· Exportation and the strategic search for customers beyond our borders.

In 2001, MGN certified its quality system pursuant to ISO 9001, and completed its adaptation. In the first years after 2000, we devised our Strategic Plan to make MGN a leading manufacturer of technical rubber-metal parts.

RENFE Evolves

In late 2004, a ceremony was held in Madrid’s Atocha train station to abolish the monopoly of the Spanish National Railway Network (RENFE) and divide it into two state-owned companies: an operator, Renfe Operadora, to manage the transport of passengers and cargo, and an administrator, ADIF, responsible for the construction and maintenance of infrastructures, management of traffic and telecommunications, as well as the administration of assets, i.e. train stations and freight terminals.

This break-up of RENFE, along with the subcontracting of companies to manage the high-speed lines, meant new production and service challenges for MGN.

The time machine

France was the leader in high-speed rail transport with a network of more than 4,000 kilometres in place by the start of the new century.

While Harry Potter used a chain to travel back in time, we have to opportunity to travel forward and back with the Paris/Madrid/Casablanca route: Our time machine, which simply consists of flying to Lyon and meeting with the purchase managers or the engineers of French operators, allows us to visualise what will happen in our own country years later. Then, we travel to Casablanca or Cairo with production systems to meet new rubber requirements, specifications, formulations and qualities, which arrive somewhat ahead of their time there.

The new high-speed rail projects represent stimulating challenges for us.

Trade fairs

Our first trade fair in 2002 took place in Lyon. In a rented Mercedes Vito, we travelled around like a troupe, taking the stand, the parts, the equipment, the displays and a lot of enthusiasm with us.

It was the start of an adventure that continues 10 years later and is beginning to bear fruit in a sustainable way.

MGN began an association with MAFEX, and since then everything has become much simpler with the support of specialists to develop projects aimed at exportation (trade fairs, trade missions, reverse trade missions, technical conferences, forums, etc.).