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experience / 1950-1960

1950s - foundation

At the end of the 1950s, the German consortium METZELER NEMROD, specialising in surgical and orthopaedic materials, industrial rubber and sporting goods, closed its business in Getafe: ACIMSA.
The manager of ACIMSA at that time, Andrés Navarro, saw an opportunity to become the manufacturer and supplier himself to cover the pending and neglected orders of the company, which was in receivership and inactive. He would do this from a small shop he set up on Calle Apolonio Rodríguez of Madrid.

A couple of second-hand machines, several moulds, a lorry and a lot of enthusiasm were enough to establish Manufacturas de la Goma Navarro (Navarro Rubber Manufacturers) in 1957.

A little more than a year later, the business was moved to a small shop of 40 square metres on Calle Aligustre of Madrid.


Nemrod was founded in Barcelona in 1935 as a toy factory. In 1941, it began manufacturing diving gear, a sector in which the brand continues to be a leader. In 1959, a company called Seamless Rubber began distributing in the U.S., where the "Made in Spain" label for rubber manufacturers was synonymous with high quality. The German Metzeler (technical rubber and polyurethanes), a minor shareholder in Nemrod, increased its stake to 100% in 1981. At the end of the 1980s, the factory was moved to the U.S.
Our "parent" company ACIMSA was owned by Nemrod-Metzeler in Madrid.

Marketing efforts

While the ACIMSA (Aplicaciones del Caucho Industrial Moran S.A,) factory was being closed, the owner entrusted his young foreman Joaquín Navarro to sell the machinery. As compensation for his efforts and the sale, the owner offered Navarro some of the old machines and moulds, which helped him to start up a shop of 40 square metres.
This small workshop, and business ambition, gave birth to the company.

First Shop

With the system in place in the late 1950s, the moulds for the rubber were heated with steam. Oiled rags, forge screw drivers and a large sledge hammer were the tools used to open, close and manipulate the moulds. Four hardworking young men started what is today MGN.

Moulds equal customers

Customers of the former ACIMSA demanded an uninterrupted supply of the parts they needed. The moulds received as payment were the principle asset and the manufacturing basis for meeting the needs of customers who had been left without supplies.