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2010 to today – Present and future


Under the EU’s Sixth Framework Programme, MGN took part in 2003 in an R+D project called “Monitoring Vulcanization with Ultrasound.”
R+D project (CIDAUT_CSIC_MGN) to increase the useful life of parts.

The Railway Platform Technology ...

2000-2010 - change

From the late 1990s to the turn of the century, our objectives for diversification materialized through one of our main customers:  Zardoya OTIS.

In 2000, MGN took part in the programme to support internationalisation organised by the PIPE 2000 project ...

The 1990s - quality - certification

In the 1990s, MGN took several steps forward in consolidating the quality and certification processes.
During those years, we began working on a data-configuration system to cross-reference the map codes of different manufacturers.

In the 1990s, the use of this ...

1980s - railway

And finally the path of the company converged with the railway.

The 1980s was a decade in which the railway began to play a key role in Spain and the entire EU. As expert manufacturers of rubber parts we found ...

The 1970s - diversification - new developments

The projects initiated in the 1970s allowed us to develop non-toxic rubber blends for contact with food products. The manufacture of these products demanded new hygiene conditions, standards, certifications, quality requirements, etc., which we incorporated.

This was the basis on ...

The 1960s - specialization and service

We produced pedals and sleeves, reinforced with adhesive tape on the ends to prevent slippage of the clamps, stoppers for car hoods, and gearshift protection bellows for the Seat 600, Seat 1500, Gordini, Simca 1000.
Original replacement parts for Peugeot ...

1950s - foundation

At the end of the 1950s, the German consortium METZELER NEMROD, specialising in surgical and orthopaedic materials, industrial rubber and sporting goods, closed its business in Getafe: ACIMSA.
The manager of ACIMSA at that time, Andrés Navarro, saw an ...