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About MGN

Founded in 1957, MGN is one of the most wide-spread and experienced rubber-processing companies in Europe.
MGN’s team of experts specialises in elastomers and is ready to advise the ...

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Service and Flexibility

The size of our enterprise means we can provide flexible solutions that are adapted to each order, producing both large as well as small batches with the same level of ...

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Our Present and Future Clients

MGN’s commitment to each of the products and services we develop is reflected in the approval expressed by regular customers such as RENFE, SNCF, CAF, TALGO, FEVE, METRO and ...

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MGN is Involved

Since 2005, MGN has been actively involved on the AEDHE R+D Commission — a forum of the Henares Business Association for the transfer of technology, exchange of information, and promotion ...

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Chemistry, Engineering and R+D+I

We have accumulated and developed a wealth of know-how through the systematic work of our expert staff and the R+D projects carried out with research centres and universities.
In ...

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Solutions by Sector

Although MGN has specialised in the railway sector in recent years, the quality and safety of its products has been validated within the strictest parameters and ISO 9001 certification. MGN ...

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Rubber and Processes

We have a wide range of rubber blends to satisfy the needs of the most demanding client.

We integrate different types of rubber into these blends: natural, chloroprene, nitrile, fluoroelastomers ...

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The Key Elements of the MGN Project


        * Human capital is the primary resource of the MGN project
        * Corporate social responsibility
        * Personnel training
        * Principles of co-existence
        * Safe work environments
        * Comprehensive health of our team members ...

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